With the Team Magic E4RS III’s competitive success (multiple national champion, ETS finalist etc.) and the E4JS II’s huge commercial success, which has become the "car of the year 2014" in numerous clubs, we decided to offer to the largest possible public the opportunity to drive the E4 "II" series’ high-performance chassis by offering three Ready-To-Run versions (RTR) and one Ready-To-Build version (RTB).

For this, we worked hard on the E4JS II in order to reduce it in an optimized RTR version. We created a new part that transforms the front differential into a spool (rigid axle), new battery mounts that allow the use of batteries with rounded shape (NiMH or LiPo) and simplified a number of parts in order to maintain an ultra-competitive price (lower chassis, shock mounts and motor mount), all this supplied with waterproof electronics (servo, receiver and speed controller!).

The result is the E4JR II, the most competitive and innovative RTR car on the market!

The features inherited from the E4RS III:

Team Magic utilised numerous elements and parts of the E4RS III to create the E4JS II, which is so in no way a touring car of reduced quality.

The features inherited from the E4JS II:

The E4JS II is "THE" club racer car reference (a club racer is a confirmed driver est un pilote confirmé, demanding a high quality level, but which wants to keep a reasonable budget and to limit himself to regional championships).

Team Magic E4JR II new features:

Suspension geometry of the E4RS III:

As with the E4JS II, the E4JR II uses the same suspension geometry developed for the E4RS III.

Furthermore, the E4JR II’s arms, c-hubs and uprights are all directly from the E4RS III to guarantee a high level of handling and quality.

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Suspension geometry of the E4RS III

Centred and aligned weight distribution:

The E4JR II’s weight centring and distribution is almost identical to that of the E4RS III.

The E4JR II benefits from the same overall balance as that of the E4RS III, which has more than proven itself in competition.

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Centred and aligned weight distribution

HARD waterproof receiver:

In order to allow any user to drive anywhere at any time, Team magic choose to supply the E4JR II with waterproof electronics devices that is resistant to water projections.

This way, the E4JR II includes the all new HARD waterproof receiver.

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New HARD waterproof receiver

THOR 3003 waterproof servo:

The E4JR II’s new THOR 3003 is also resistant to water projections.

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New THOR waterproof servo

Hobbywing waterproof electronic speed controllers:

To complete the waterproof receiver and servo, Team Magic also provides new Hobbywing water resistant electronic speed controllers, for both the brushed and brushless E4JR II versions.

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New THOR waterproof ESC

New waterproof brushless ESC

THOR motors:

Team Magic has equipped the E4JR II with the new THOR motors.

In brushed version, this motor of intermediate power, will allow the beginners to get acquainted with the driving of an RC car, and allow the more experienced drivers to run in all conditions possible.

In brushless version, the Thor 6.5T de 5350kv motor will allow the drivers to reach incredible performances for a RTR car.

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New THOR 540 motor

New THOR 5350kv motor

Narrow 2.3mm ECO-Graphite chassis:

The E4JR II’s chassis uses the famous "ECO Graphite" material that was specially developed for the E4JS II.

This material is one of key of the successes of the E4JS II; because it brings forward an excellent handling due to a flex particularly that is well adapted to many surfaces and grip levels found in the majority of clubs.

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New ECO-Graphite chassis

2.0mm ECO-Graphite upper deck:

The E4JS II’s 2mm ECO-Graphite upper deck is provided with the E4JR II, and perfectly complements the E4JS II chassis.

Together, they offer an excellent compromise for many tracks and surfaces.

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ECO-Graphite upper deck

3.0mm ECO-Graphite shock towers:

As the chassis and the upper deck, the 3.0mm shocks towers are machined in ECO-Graphite.

To facilitate the setup of the E4JR II, and to improve these parts’ durability, we have slightly simplified the number of possible position of the shock absorbers.

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New ECO-Graphite shock towers

High quality constant volume shock absorbers:

The E4JR II’s shock absorbers are classic and standard for models directly stemming from the E4JS II.

They allow for an excellent handling to the car.

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High quality constant volume shock absorbers

Matched and optimized shock springs:

The shock springs also come from the E4JS II. They are matched and optimized for standard use in 1/10 Touring Cars.

The front springs are standard springs with 6.4 coils of a 1.5mm thickness, which offer a good front end control. These are accompanied by rear springs with 6.2 coils of 1.4mm thickness which provides a good progressivity and softness for the rear end.

This choice of springs provides a good balance to the car and a good handling on tracks with a medium level of grip.

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Matched and optimized shock springs for 1/10 Touring

Hard plastic lower bulkheads:

The E4JR II’s bulkheads are the same used on the E4JS II.

The chosen material is still the hard plastic used for the E4RS III suspension parts in order to guarantee a high level of rigidity.

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Hard plastic lower bulkheads

Hard plastic upper bulkheads:

The E4JS II and E4JR II’s upper bulkheads also use same design to that of their E4RS III counterpart.

The chosen material is still the HARD plastic, always with the aim of guaranteeing a high level of rigidity.

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Hard plastic upper bulkheads

Hard suspension arms, c-hubs and uprights:

The suspension arms, c-hubs and uprights provided with the E4JR II cars are the HARD ones used on the E4RS III.

This to offer to the E4JS II and E4JR II the same rigidity and the same precision as the control of the movements of the E4RS III’s suspension.

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Hard suspension arms, c-hubs and uprights

Hard coated suspension shafts:

The suspension shafts are hard coated polished steel, in order to ensure perfect alignment and movements without any hard points.

The outer shafts feature a flat spot in order to ensure a perfect grub screw fit on both the front caster blocks and rear uprights.

All these parts are the same as on the E4JS II.

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Hard coated suspension shafts

Hard plastic ball raced steering bell crank:

Like on the E4JS II, the E4JR II’s steering system is also manufactured in HARD plastic in order to guarantee a good rigidity of the part.

As on the E4RS III, the steering system is mounted with ball bearings on both steering arms and the central link, resulting in an ultra-fast and precise steering movement without any hard points.

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Hard plasic ball raced steering bell crank

Hard plastic centre layshaft mounts:

Like on the E4JS II, the E4JR II has two center layshaft mounts that are also made in HARD plastic, in order to offer a good rigidity and durability.

They also contribute to guarantee a certain level of flex, necessary to ensure a good handling balance.

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Hard plastic center layshaft mounts

Aluminium 7075 spur gear holder:

The ultra-light spur gear holder is hard treated and comes directly off the E4RS III.

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The Aluminium 7075 spur gear holder has been optimized

High Quality 48DP spur gear:

The E4JS II and E4JR II use a standard 48DP spur gear which provides a good level of durability, which is in perfect adequate for the typical use of a RC car like the E4JR II.

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High Quality spur gear

"Low Friction" belts:

The belts provided by Team Magic are the "Low Friction" belts used on the E4RS III, ensuring an extreme transmission freeness and smoothness.

Team Magic chose a leading Japanese transmission belt manufacturer rather than turn to a low-cost Chinese supplier, as to once again ensure a quality of the highest level.

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"Low Friction" belts

Belt tension eccentric adjusters:

Team Magic chose to colour their belt tension eccentric (origin E4RS III) adjusters in orange; not to look pretty, but to stand out visually in the black bulkheads and allow users to easily check which tension notch the eccentric positioned with a quick glance.

Orange being the basic colour of the Team Magic logo, the colour perfectly contrasts with black.

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The belt tension adjustment excenters

Gear differential with composite gears:

As we do with the E4JS II, the E4JR II is equipped with the E4RS III gear differential with 4 moulded composite satellite gears.

This ultra-compact differential is very light and efficient.

The double gasket system ensures the differential is perfectly sealed. The diff case is moulded with four unclosed screw holes *WPV in order to avoid any negative pressure under them for a greater durability of the screw thread in the main differential case.

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Gear differential with composite gears

Front rigid axle (spool):

To facilitate the driving of the E4JR II, Team Magic chose to equip its car with a front rigid axle (also called spool).

For this, we simply created a central block replacing the internal gears of the differential, to prevent any movement.

It is completely possible to transform this rigid axle into a differential, for this simply replace the block with a set of differential gears (TM507206).

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Front rigid axle (spool)

Steel differential outdrives:

The E4JR II uses the same differential outdrives as the E4JS II and are machined in steel in order to ensure an extreme durability.

These outdrives also perfectly complement the use of the E4JR II’s universal driveshafts.

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Steel differential outdrives

Universal driveshafts:

The universal driveshafts come directly from the E4JS II.

These simplified driveshafts features a retainer clip for the articulation pin, instead of the usual grub screw.

We chose to use simple universal driveshafts, provided with a big 3mm pin instead of the traditional blades of the E4RS III, because the user has be able to drive without having to care of the state of their blades.

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Universal driveshafts

Quick release battery holder, accepting rounded NiMH and LiPO stick packs:

One of the E4RS III’s key features is its quick release battery holder with a Velcro strap.

This element has been slightly modified for the E4JR II; which doesn’t only fit "square" shaped battery packs, but also the batteries with rounded shapes, as NiMH batteries typically are.

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... and NiMH compatible

Low Friction ball bearings:

The kit is delivered with the E4RS III’s Low Friction ball bearings.

They are also supplied lubricated with oil, instead of grease, for increased transmission freeness.

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Low Friction ball bearings

Ultra free pivot balls and ball cups with minimized play:

The ultra-free E4RS III pivot balls and ball cups with extreme low play are used on the E4JR II and E4JS II, in order to offer the same freeness of movements of the suspension and facilitate setup on the E4RS III.

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Ultra free pivot balls and ball cups with minimized play

Heavy duty body posts:

The E4RS III’s heavy duty body posts are in a 6mm diameter. They offer great stability and rigidity of the body fixings.

The body height is, of course, adjustable in a precise manner.

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Heavy duty body posts

High density foam bumper:

The nylon bumper plate is accompanied by a high-density foam with respectable thickness. All these parts are from the E4RS III.

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Nylon front bumper

High density foam bumper

English texts: Lionel Troyon with the kind assistance of Dominique Tranquille. Pictures: Lionel Troyon and Team Magic.

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